2004-11-03 Exclusive dealer of BelAZ for Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia

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Firm "Belaz-Sofia" Ltd. is exclusive dealer of the big producer of opencast mining equipment- Bielorussian plant "BelAZ". The plant produces
  • off- highway dump trucks with payload 30, 42, 45, 55, 80, 120, 130, 180 200 and 220 metric tons;
  • load- haul-dump machines (front loaders);
  • water (sprinkling) trucks;
  • wheeled bulldozers;
  • tractors for wheeled machines in failure;
  • heavy load carriers;
  • aircraft tugs and other machines.
Firm "Belaz-Sofia" Ltd. supplies off-highway trucks and all other machines, produced by "BelAZ" plant at the most favorable for the client financial and warranty conditions. Machines could be equipped with engine, gearing, hydraulic system and body volume in accordance with natural and technical conditions and customer requirements.

The firm established repair depots and storehouses for spare parts at the biggest Bulgarian opencast mines "Assarel-Medet" and "Elatsite-Med" and organizes "BelAZ" truck servicing. Because of the high technical skill and qualification of "Belaz-Sofia" professionals and qualities of the trucks, transportation and maintenance cost at above mentioned mine-pits are minimal, and factor "technical readiness" of trucks is 90- 95%. Firm is ready to propose to other proprietors of mines or large scale building sites contracts for "BelAZ" machines maintenance.

"Belaz-Sofia" keeps fruitful collaboration with the plant. As a result:
  • qualification of firm maintenance stuff is very high;
  • if very complicated problem occur, firm can count on "BelAZ" plant specialists.
To facilitate production activities of its partners, firm established a consignation storehouse in Sofia and in a case of machine failure, required spare part could be supplied in 24 hors time after its ordering.

Firm professionals consult its partners for the choice of the most proper machine for real natural and technical conditions, and for it proper maintenance and usage.

Manager of the firm is Stanoy Rangelov.

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