2004-11-03 Exclusive dealer of BelAZ for Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia

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Firm "Belaz-Sofia" is dealer with exclusive rights of Bielorussian plant "BelAZ" for Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia. Firm activities are as follows:
  • supplies all machines and original spare parts for them, produced by plant "BelAZ" at the most favorable for the client financial and warranty conditions;
  • makes guaranty and post guaranty service of equipment supplied;
  • consults its clients in their choice of the most suitable equipment for the specific geological and technical conditions;
  • keeps storehouses for spare parts and a consignation central storehouse in Sofia. If machine failure occur, the needed spare part could be supplied in 24 hours time after its ordering;
  • recycles off road dump trucks "BelAZ" for obtaining lower fuel and consumables consumption and longer exploitation life.
Firm "Belaz-Sofia" is ready to propose to it partners maximal economical profit and technical advantages when using "BelAZ" machines in opencast mines, quarries and large scale industrial, hydrotechnical and transportation building sites.

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